The "Problem" with God?

“The "Problem" With God?”

I don’t know.  Not sure I would have had the courage to put that in print, but Philip Yancey put it out there in front of God and everybody.  He suggests that there is a potential “'problem' with God.”  Here is a quote from Yancy:

“The only thing more difficult than having a relationship with an invisible God is having no such relationship.”
Philip Yancey. “Reaching for the Invisible God

“. . . an invisible God . . . so, “the problem with God,” as he puts it,  is that we can’t see Him.  It is, I’m thinking - and saying to myself – true in a way.  I can see the people around me and I can see the person with whom I have chosen to spend my life and I can see our children and grandchildren, and I can see our neighbors and I can see my barber and I can see . . . well the list is endless and I am quite sure you got the point before I quit trying to make the point!  So, folks seem to think that the idea of God is somewhat foolish because He is nowhere in sight!  At least not since Jesus ascended back to heaven.  Is that really true?

Dr. Henry Spaulding, president of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, recently wrote, “Much of my religious identity took shape in this relatively unimpressive church with simple but extraordinary people. I did not know it then, but the grand unfolding of sanctity [holiness] began to define the meaning of “flesh and bones” faith in the lives of the saints at Panama Park Church of the Nazarene. Holiness was not a doctrine or theory for me. It had bodies attached to it.”  What Dr. Spaulding was saying is that he “saw” the reality of God in the lives of his parents and members of his local church.  He “saw” God!  Psalm 19:1 reminds us that “. . . the heavens are telling of the glory of God and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.”  Eugene Peterson puts it this way:  “God’s glory is on tour in the skies.  God-craft on exhibit across the horizon.”  In other words, creation itself bears witness to the existence of God and testifies to His involvement in our world.

I have “seen” God in the face of people like my mother and have been inspired to believe in Him as I have “seen” Him in the lives of so many good people over the years.  God is present with us in the Holy Spirit and in the holy lives of believers around the world!  This “invisible God” to which Yancey refers is in the here and now . . . He is among us!  John 1:14 declares “. . . the  Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory . . . .”

On the Communion Table at Parkview, we have the Christ candle from our Advent wreath.  It is lit every time we are in the sanctuary for worship.  It is a reminder that He is here . . .  among us!  

Can you see Him now?  He is here . . . among us . . . and in us!  What problem?

On the journey . . . .

Pastor J K

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