Lent 2019
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LENT: Reflections of a Loving God

Lent is a season to reflect. Reflect on things we meant to do and didn’t. Reflect on things we should have done and didn’t.  It is a time to reflect on who we are and the areas we fall short ~ we all have them.  Lent is not about us, though.  It is about a King ~ the color purple reminds us of this. Lent is about God ~ and his provisions in a life where we struggle.  It is about God ~ who desires so much for us to experience peace that tears come to His eyes.  Lent is about God ~ who provides, serves and accepts.  Come and reflect on our shortcomings ~ we all have them, and God’s Love ~ we all need it.  Come, hear and reflect as we begin this new sermon series starting March 24, 2019!