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Celebrating the Waiting ~ An Advent Series

December 2 ~ Waiting with Hope (Luke 21:25-36)  Many will celebrate Christmas this year ~ for the “X” time.  We will do all the traditional things with family, movies, gifts, travel, etc.  But this year is not like every other year, is it?  Are we just going around in circles? Living with expectation changes life from the tradition to expectation!

December 9 ~ Waiting with Peace (Luke 3:1-6)  Many calendars dates are filled with the clatter of celebrations.  Others, however, experience a desert of depression and difficulty. Some even believe that if I can just get through this time of year, things will be different. What if we understood that renewal in life always begins in the wilderness.

December 16 ~ The Little Drummer Boy (UPTOWN Kids Presentation)

December 23 ~ Waiting with Joy (Luke 1:39-45(46-55)) There is nothing like the joy of a kid when given presents on Christmas. We eventually teach our children that it is more blessed to give than receive.  Do we really believe that? Who really has the bigger smile ~ the one that gives or receives?  What if we learned to live by our own words of giving?

December 24 ~ Waiting with Love (Luke 2:1-7 (8-20)) Christmas time is often seen as a time for love to blossom.  We step up and buy gifts, spend extra time and subscribe to the mantra that more is better.  What if, though, stepping up meant that we stooped down to serve others?

December 30 ~ Living out the Waiting (Luke 2:41-52) With the New Year just hours away, what will change in the for you?  What do you hope, believe or even plan?  Whatever it is, just don’t forget that knowing who you are will lead you in how to live.