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Restoration ~ A new sermon series at Parkview Nazarene

There are many thoughts people have when considering a church, or even thinking about God.  For some God is a loving God who has poured our grace upon grace.  Life is now lived out in anticipation of what God has in store for them every step of the way.  Others, however, see God as demanding, demeaning, and disgusting.

The way we see God helps us develop a rhythm to life.  Some struggle because they want to live better but keep doing the things they don’t want to do while others struggle with doing the things they don’t want to do.  So what do we do?  Where do we go from here?  How do we experience the love that God is and created us for when we struggle to do, or not to do, right in life?

Over the next few weeks, we want to discover how to be restored in our understanding and purpose in life.  God created us in His image, and Jesus came to restore the image of God in each of us.  There is always a point of crisis but there is always a process when it comes to RESTORATION.