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Sermon Series – Living Life Upside Down

Living Life Upside Down


Everyone is looking for that one thing that will make life grand.  That will make life better than it was yesterday and even better tomorrow.  Tired of the job? The kids? Your spouse? Secret to success is leaving and finding yourself?  And yet, this happens over and over?  What if we are reaching up only to touch the ground, because we’re living life upside down?  During the Lent period, come, see and explore that the only way to find life is to follow the way of Jesus.


Feb 18 ~ A New View of Temptation (Mark 1:9-15)  We often see Baptism as a sign of repentance.  Then why was Jesus baptized?  We often see temptation as a sign of struggle.  Then why was Jesus tempted?  What if we are equipped to be strengthened in the struggle?


Feb 25 ~ Choosing to Lose (Mark 8:31-38)  We are taught our whole life to gain ~ good grades, the right mate, the right job, the right house, etc.  What if life is not about gaining, but choosing to loose?


Mar 4 ~ A Place Where Everyone Belongs (John 2:13-22)  We are taught to protect ourselves.  We are taught that our way is the only way.  What if the way to life is making room for everyone ~ regardless of what we think?  What if we gain life by making room for others?


Mar 11-14 ~ Revival services with Dr. Jim Diehl  Do not miss our times together as we continue our preparation for celebration of Easter, and God’s presence among us!


Mar 18 ~ The Paradox of Common Sense (John 12:20-33) Common sense tells us that we are to find our way by doing what makes sense to us. Follow your dreams, never give up on your aspirations.  What would it mean, however, if we learned to live the dream by living for others?


Mar 25 ~ The High King on a Lowly Donkey (Mark 11:1-11)  We must conquer fear.  We must conquer our struggles.  We must conquer those that are trying to push us around.  Conquer is the key word.  That is, until we see the High King who comes to bring peae on the inside in the middle of the chaos on the outside.


Mar 28 ~ Love One Another (Wednesday Night/Holy Week) We will have a Communion service as we come to the end of Lent and in preparation for Easter Sunday morning ~ just four days away!


Mar 30 ~ Tenebrae Service (Good Friday) This is that moment where we mark the darkness of “Good Friday,” which allows us to better understand the light that has come into the world!


April 1 ~ Easter (Mark 16:1-8)  What a day to celebrate! The darkness of searching for life is not hidden, or even dead.  The hope that we all search for in life is found as we place our lives in the hand of one who predicted his death and resurrection, and then made it happen!