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Sermon Series: Living as the Wise


2017 is gone, and 2018 has come. With the new year will come an endless amount of choices to make: new jobs opportunities, how to spend your money, relationships to continue, and where to allocate your time. The question is not the amount of choices, but what you will say yes to and where the yes will take you. Discover over the next five weeks how to live as the wise in the middle of so many choices by saying yes to the best life has to offer.

Man standing by a body of water. Text says, "Living as the wise: Saying Yes to the Best Life has to Offer"

January 7 ~ (Ephesians 5:15-17) Every day is filled with choices galore, and not just the “Cable vs Satellite” variety. There are a multitude of choices to make when it comes to relationships, health, wealth and even talents. The key to experiencing life abundant is knowing how to live as the wise.

January 14 ~ (Daniel 6) Have you ever caught yourself saying things like, “Where did the time go?” We try and fit so much into our days that we end up getting very little done. The key is that the legacy we leave behind one day will not be due to time spent, but the time we invested.

January 21 ~ (Luke 19:11-27) America is filled with armchair quarterbacks ~ people critiquing someone else’s talent. Everyone has the ability to do something, but we often settle for good because we are afraid of failure. Truth is, the talents you have are only as good as the risks you take.

January 28 ~ (Luke 12:13-34) There are so many things to spend our finances on: food, clothing, shelter, insurance, hobbies, and more. Our desire is to spend it on things we like, but we are caught between what we need and what we want. So what do we do to live wise? We live with trust and generosity, which lead us to the place our heart grows the best.

February 4 ~ (Jeremiah 2:1-13) With so many opportunities given, and choices to make, it can feel like life is leaking down the drain. This in turn causes us panic and a loss of peace in life. God is the Father who wants more for you than from you, and so when we trust Him to lead us, it leads to peace within us.