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Christmas Sense – Sermon Series

Christmas candle snowman with lights

Most of us are able to experience the five senses (Touch, Hearing, Smell, Sight, and Taste). Each sense was meant to help us experience life to the fullest: stop and smell the roses, take in the sights, taste the goodness of life. During this Advent season, we will take some time to explore the five senses that God has given to each of us so that we can receive the best that life has to offer!

December 3 [Touch] ~ (Exodus 24:1-11; John 1) Since we were kids we have been taught, “Don’t touch!” Whether it’s a kid in a store filled with china, or an adult searching for meaning and intimacy, we search for meaning and intimacy with those words filling the background. We even get the feeling at times that God says the same thing, and then… Jesus shows up!

December 10 [Sound] ~ (Luke 2:1-20) When it comes to Christmas time, there are many different sounds we think of: Angel Choirs singing, Silent Night, Cattle lowering their heads. There are other sounds as well: Complaining of long lines, no close parking spaces and no room ~ in the inn. Which sound will you make?

December 17  [Smell] ~ (2 Corinthians 2:14-17) Cookies baking, bread rising in the over ~ oh, the smells of Christmas life. What stinks, though, is when we live a life filled with legalistic expectations over and above the love of Christ. What does a life of purity smell like?

December 24 [Sight] (AM) ~ (Matthew 4:12-17) Sometimes life makes things hard to see: politicians slinging mud (what do they really believe), someone hurts you (how can forgiveness do any good), etc. It is the darkest parts of life that we have a hard time seeing, and what we must learn to do is look with anticipation towards the light!

December 24 [Taste] (5 PM – Christmas Eve) ~ (Hebrews 2:8-9; Psalm 34:8) There are many different tastes in life: sweet, salty, bitter, tasty and disgusting. We are often forced to taste life in other ways: abundant buffets and empty refrigerators, the birth of a son on the same day as the death of a loved one. Jesus tasted death so that you and I might taste life, love and grace in abundance.