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Rebuilding Dominica – Hurricane Maria Relief

Domincan people looking about the destruction in the street

The Caribbean Island nation of Dominica was devastated by Hurricane Maria this September. Parkview has a special relationship with the Dominican people. A former Pastor, Rev. Bob Gray, began the work on this island years ago and we have continued to support them monetarily and with our labor efforts, as well. Many of you have been there to help on the campgrounds, at the local churches, and at care centers on the island.

Today they need us more than ever.

The campground was destroyed, the church buildings do not have roofs, and the mission house some of you visited is no longer in any kind of shape. This storm has left the island decimated: no electricity throughout the island, people without basic needs (water, lack of shelter, lack of necessary medicines, and so much more).

Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate to our Dominica Giving Storm
    A constructive storm to counter a destructive storm. Parkview will use 100% of the money you give to support the Dominican recovery effort
  • Volunteer to Stand with Dominica
    Parkview organizers have a variety of ways you can make impact. We need everybody! For now contact the church office to let us know you would like to help. Phone: (937) 435-1428. Email:

We have served the people of Dominica for many years and they are in need of our help, once again. I believe that we at Parkview are determined to do whatever we can to help our brothers and sisters.