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Sermon Series – Family Ideals

family standing before a cross

When it comes to your family of origin, you didn’t have any choice in the matter. You could pick your friends, but not family. And at times, if we were all honest, we would have picked our friend’s family. Over a five-week period, we are going to point to a better future for all families. If you are in a family where the ideal seems out of reach, you are in the majority. But so were the believers in the first century, yet they embraced the teachings of Jesus and his followers. If you are single, you will leave with a new picture of what could/should be in your future. Come discover Family Ideals that will change the way your family experiences life together.


April 23 – Family Ideals: Introduction to the Family (Eph 6:1–2; Col 3:18–19, 21; Matt 19:3–8; 5:27– 28; 19:3–8) You may not have picked your family, and may have even wanted to pick a different family at times. There’s a tension in the house because the imperfect you is trying to get along with other imperfect people. We all live with the tension, but the truth is that we dare not resolve it. Rather, we look to bring the ideal into a less than ideal world.


April 30 – Family Ideals: Power Down (Eph 5:22; Eph 5:21; Rom 5:6–8) We live, as families, with a dilemma ~ real vs. ideal; from less than ideal families, we want better for children. Often times we normalize everything, which leaves our kids with nothing to reach towards. How do we begin the movement from real to ideal?  The key is to power down!


May 7 – Faith Promise: Dr. Stan Toler – join us as we celebrate our impact across the world and seek to continue the impact with the help of Jesus.  Come be inspired as General Superintendent Emeritus Dr. Stan Toler shares with us what God has done, is doing and will continue to do as we follow the Lord with the world in mind.


May 14 – Mother’s Day – There is nothing like the love and care of a mother.  Come celebrate the impact mothers have made on each one of us, and honor your mother in the process.  Whether you are still able to connect with her, or she has made her journey home, there is nothing like celebrating our mothers as the family of God gathers.


May 21 – Family Ideals: Common Cause – (James 4:1–4) One thing common to every family is conflict. The catch is no one wins in an argument with family. Why do we have so much conflict?  And what is the key to resolving the conflict? What if we started with our thoughts rather than others and their shortcomings?  You can’t always get what you want, but you can always get what you need – grace and mercy!


May 28 – Family Ideals: All the Fixin’s – (2 Corinthians 5:14–15; 18–21) Families are complicated and family titles are never emotionally neutral. Some of us have experienced extreme hurt and pain, that continues to show up in our lives to this day. We even say to ourselves, “I don’t care.” Then why does the pain still show up?  There is a better way, a more ideal process, to deal with the pain.  It all starts with following the example of our Heavenly Father.  It may feel like a losing battle, but it is definitely one worth fighting!


June 4 – Family Ideals: The Echo – (Gen 39:21; 42:5–7; Gen 27:41; Gen 31:3; 33:1-7) Actions don’t just speak louder than words; they echo into next generation. We must never forget that we are paving the way forward, and teaching our children how to act now, and later. They may forget what we say; they will never forget what we do.