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Coloring Your World Series

One colored umbrella in a sea of black umbrellas

We pass people everyday. People who woke up with the alarm warning them of another day. Another day to battle through cancer, deal with marital discord, suffer through the pain of the past decisions, fight the machine or even wonder if it is all worth it. People, along our path, have lost sight of any hope because hope has promised so much but changed so little. It is in that world, our world, that God has called us to be salt and light and to share the hope that only He can bring. The question is not in the calling but in the living out the extraordinary life.

Matthew 5:13 ~ Salt does not cost much. It is common to find it on every fast food table and in the homes of people around the world. However, for something so common, it purifies the diseased, preserves the nourishment and flavors our world. What are you adding to the lives of those around you?

Matthew 5:14-15 ~ Light comes easy in America. We flip the switch on the wall, turn the dial on the lamp or click the button on the flashlight. If light is so easy to come by, why do so many deal with darkness in their lives: not knowing what path to take, what situations to avoid or where to look when life seems overtaken by despair? It is amazing how one small candle can bring light and clarity in the middle of a large dark room.

Matthew 5:16 ~ Social media is filled with religious opinions and political zealots. Everybody has a belief on what should have been done, a view on what should happen next and an idea of what could shape the future in a better way. Opinions, viewpoints and ideas are all well and great, but truth be told they have left us empty, hollow and wanting. Philosophies, theologies and sociologies are not the answer. There is only one that fills the God-shaped hole in all of us!