What to Expect When You Visit

Pastor PreachingVisiting a new church can be intimidating – even for people who have been around church their entire life. Many questions will flood your mind and cause the butterflies in your stomach to move about. “Will the people there be friendly and accepting? Will I fit in or will I stand out? What kind of things will be going on? What is expected of me if I do come? What about my kids?” The questions are endless.

We could tell you not to worry, but we know that is part of life. Instead, we want to try and relieve some of your worry by answering some frequently asked questions that most people have before trying Parkview.

When, Where and What Time?

Sunday at Parkview:
10:45 am – Worship Service: This is the time every week that we get together corporately to sing songs, spend time in prayer, study God’s word and mingle with our friends, including you. As a guest at Parkview, this is a great time to meet people and get the flavor of the church.

9:40 am – Sunday School & Adult Bible Fellowships: This is a time that is meant to teach us how to live life on a practical level. All are welcome to meet together in various small group settings to learn more about the Bible, discuss relevant topics & strengthen friendships.

Throughout the week, various times, various locations:
Wednesday night ministries at 6:30 pm, and various other activities through the week.

What does the church believe?

The Nazarene church is considered a protestant evangelical church with a Holiness doctrine. That is a lot to think through but we invite you to see a more detailed description of what we believe, including our mission, vision and core Values. Read Our Beliefs page if you are interested in learning more.

What kind of people attend Parkview… Will I fit it?

Yes! Parkview is made up of people just like you, whether you’ve been in church your entire life or have never stepped foot in one. We come from all kinds of backgrounds and professions. Come as you are and you will be fine.

What should I wear?

On any given Sunday at Parkview you’ll see people in jeans and t-shirts & others in suits and ties. We have come to realize that it is not what you wear on the outside that matters, the point is not to dress for the occasion but come to the celebration!

What will be expected of me as a guest?

We plan on saying “Hello” when you come in and doing everything we can to make you feel welcome. We guarantee we will not make you stand up, call out your name or otherwise single you out in any way. You will have the option to fill out a visitor card with your name and contact information so that we can get to know you and your family. We want you to feel among friends from the moment you walk in and if you need anything we will do our best to help.

What can I expect from a Sunday Service?

We all understand that people can get nervous coming some place they have never been before, but Sunday Morning Worship Service is a great place for a guest to meet people and get a feel for the church. If you’ve been in a protestant church before, the format will seem very familiar. This includes music, singing,  and announcements. We also have a time of prayer and offering before Pastor Jason delivers God’s word. There are also special times of celebration that include baby dedications, baptisms, people singing special songs, children showing what they have learned, and many other things.

What is going on at Parkview for my children?

There is always something great going on for children at Parkview. On Sundays, Sunday School classes cater to all age groups & Children’s Church communicates God’s love during Morning Worship to children to a way they can understand. There are also events including Family Fun Nights, Camps, Bible Quizzing, and many other fun things!

What is going on at Parkview for my teenager?

We have a great group of teenagers that come to Parkview. On Sunday mornings they worship in the regular service at 10:45 AM and can be seen sitting towards the front of the Sanctuary. At 9:40 AM they meet in a small classroom setting to discuss the issues of life and how the God and the Bible relate. On Wednesdays they meet throughout the year at their SURGE service which starts at 6:30 PM in order to worship in their own way and hear God’s word proclaimed to them. They also engage in different activities throughout the year such as overnighters, talent events, camps, retreats and much more.